South African Designed & Engineered Dry Boat Storage Solution Aimed at Making Boat Storage Affordable & User Friendly

Looking for a boat lift that boasts unparalleled simplicity and fool proof workability? Look no further than the High & Dry Boat Lifts. Designed and engineered by a renowned South African Engineer, who after nearly three years of development, has proven this lift is unrivaled in the international marine industry. Its unique siphoning, lifting, and lowering technology is the only one of its kind in use and is sure to set the trend for the future. Say goodbye to the drawbacks of current lifts in the industry and invest in a lift that is engineered to last in international waters.

Say goodbye to the difficulty of driving onto a trailer and hello to the ease of the High & Dry Boat Lifts. With four floatation bins that act as guides, and center guides installed if required, driving onto the lift has never been easier. By attaching two mooring lines from the back bins onto your center cleat, your boat will be located in the correct position every time. Launching your boat is a breeze with the siphoning system. Simply attach the blower pipes to the bottom fittings and start the pumps to gently launch your boat in a controlled horizontal plane in no time. Raising the boat is just as easy, by attaching hoses to the top of the connectors and switching on the blowers. Optional automatic systems are available so there's no need to manually switch between top and bottom fittings. The blower box can be mounted permanently on the dockside or stored in a dock box, making it versatile and convenient. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional boat lifts and invest in the easy-to-use High & Dry Boat Lifts.



Guides the boat


Mounted Blower Box


Easy to Transport & Launch

The High & Dry Boatlifts boast an impressive array of features that provide many benefits to boat owners:

  • The High & Dry Boatlifts are manufactured from fibreglass, providing a highly durable product with great resale value. Fibreglass is known for its strength and durability, and is resistant to corrosion and damage from the elements. This means that the boat lift will last for many years, providing reliable and hassle-free operation for boat owners. In addition, the use of fibreglass in the manufacturing process also ensures that the boat lift looks great, as it is aesthetically pleasing and complements any marina or dock setting. This key selling point makes the High & Dry Boatlifts an excellent investment for boat owners

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design that complements any marina or dock setting

  • Positive Buoyancy that ensures the boat lift always floats in a stable position

  • Lifts in a Horizontal Plane, providing a gentle and smooth ride for the boat during launch and retrieval

  • Fastest Boat Launch Time in the industry, saving time and hassle for boat owners

  • Unrivalled Stability & Simplicity that ensures easy operation and maintenance

  • No Holes Under the Waterline, preventing any water ingress or damage to the boat

  • No Moving Parts on Float, reducing the risk of mechanical breakdown and reducing maintenance costs

  • No More Antifouling required, saving time and money on maintenance

  • Built Tough to withstand harsh marine environments and weather conditions

  • No More Galvanic Corrosion, ensuring the longevity of the boat lift and reducing the risk of damage to the boat

  • Increased Resale Value of your boat due to the added protection and ease of use provided by the High & Dry Boatlifts

  • Reduced Maintenance Time and Costs, allowing boat owners to spend more time enjoying their boats on the water.



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